From the Library of Rabbi Kumin

Pastoral Thoughts by Rabbi Herbert Kumin

The Passover story is best told in the Haggadah and you don’t have to wait until Passover to read it.  Any time is a good time to re-read the Haggadah.  

Each Passover it is the duty of every Jewish person to imagine oneself a slave in Egypt, redeemed by Moses out of slavery.  Among what other people will you find an historic experience expressed so poignantly as in tell the exodus story so that we never become so used to freedom that we take it for granted or so comfortable that we forget the deprivation of others.  

The Seder is an inescapable reminder of our kinship with the great human family and our assurance that as long as other are not free we too are not really free.  For this very day, servitude and slavery still agonize the lives of millions of people in different parts of the world.